Ford Sayre has set a target of raising $100,000 to help make reliable, accessible XC skiing right here a reality. We can do this with your help. Let’s all pull together!

Current Oak Hill trails are too challenging for most BKL’ers. Young skiers get discouraged with week upon week without snow during early-season practices. Dartmouth development plans puts the future of HCC and Garipay at risk. This project is NOT just a “nice to have”; it’s an existential necessity for us.

Ford Sayre is the biggest beneficiary of this project by far. In fact, it was originally undertaken with Ford Sayre in mind.  Imagine not having to worry if we can hold our events on our own course. Imagine knowing with confidence when our skiers can transition from dryland activities to skiing on-snow. Imagine holding full-length after-school practices when the sun sets at 4:15. Imagine our kids booting up in a warm shelter. Imagine parking in a spacious, paved and lit parking lot. 

We can make this happen together. The finish line is within sight. Please think about what the future of Ford Sayre skiing means to you and your family and help meet this achievable goal today.